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This is Bananas, my Safari kitten. She is full of energy. Her coat is covered in tiny dark dots that display her wild personality.

The Safari

A Geoffrey Hybrid

The Safari is a Geoffrey hybrid. Don't worry Safaris do not at all resemble hybrid cars, rather, hybrid is a term used in the cat world in reference to a breed created by breeding two (or in some cases more) separete breeds together. In this case the Geoffrey Cat and domestic tabby were breed to make the Safari. Bengals are another example of a hybrid cat. The Geoffroy is actually a wild cat inhabiting the forests of South America. Geoffrey Cats were named after the explorer who origonally discovered them. Geoffrey is also commonly spell Geoffroy or Geoffroy's Cat, as to which spelling is correct we may never know. The Geoffrey is a highly arboreal (tree dwelling) species of feline that will spend most of its life in the trees. Geoffreys are extremely agile climbers. Their small size of 9-12 lbs on the large size allows them to cling to the flimsiest of branches. Geoffreys generally only have litters of 1 maybe 2 kittens. After all, keeping track of on kitten high in the branches is difficult enough. Despite this relatively small litter size the Geoffrey kitten survival rate is unusually high for a wild species. This has helped to stabilize the species population, even though they have been one of the most heavily hunted species of exotic felines.In fact, the Geoffrey Cat has the biggest population of all wild cats living in South America.

Is a Sarari the Right Cat?

The Safari, like its parent species the Geoffrey, is a small breed even for a domestic cat. It has also retained the Geoffrey's extreme climbing dexterity. When it is time for a cat-nap a Safari will climb to the highest point it can reach (which may very well be the highest in the house); safely tucked away from the commotion of life. Safaris are very sweet cats with playful, cheerful personalities. They adore energetic playtime just as much as cuddly lap time. Safaris have a ravenous appetite for love. They also exhibit a special fondness to food, especially around meal time. Occasionally, a hungry Safari may become a bit mouthy, but no worries, as soon as dinner is served they will have something much more tasty than your hand to occupy their mouth. In addition to guarding your hands from Safari mouths prior to mealtime, you may also have to watch out for your ankles. Safari cats have a particular proclivity to pounce on unsuspecting ankles as they pass its hiding place. The Safari is a petite breed of cat with the fantastic exotic appearance of it wild ancestor. The Safari also has a unique meow. Unlike most small wild cats the Geoffrey Cat cannot meow. Instead it only growls and purrs. Likewise, the Safari cats have and off meow that sounds like a growl-meow mixture with a hint of purr. Currently, the Safari standard is being developed in The International Cat Association (TICA). As of now, the Safaris are not recognized to exhibit in professional shows but they still hold a special in the hearts of all who have met them. A truly unique and beautiful cat, the Safaris make great pets for people of all ages. Safaris have great personalities and require little health maintenance.

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