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Baby Geoffroys Asian Leopard Cat

All our cats are listed with International Species Information System -ISIS (isis.org)

One person or center can not save these animals by them selves. Only through teamwork, can we effectively care and keep these animals. We are pleased to have found more people and centers gaining interest in these small cats.
Great places to learn about different cats and laws are through the following lists:
Felid Tag (felidtag.org)
World Land Trust (worldlandtrust.org)
Conservation International (Conservation.org)
American Zoo & Aquarium Association (aza.org)
Zoological Association of America (zaoa.org)
IUCN World Conservation (iucn.org)

All of our animals are on Apperon Vitamins and Calcium. Now known as Complete Natural Nutrition. (www.apperon.com)

We have just expanded some of our enclosures using Ultralite Products. Great cages and wonderful people to work with(www.ultraliteproducts.com)

From our breeding and research center
(Robert & Colette Griffiths)

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