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Enclosures for Exotic Cats

Enclosure size and the material that should be used is based on the size of the animal. For the small cats such as the Geoffroy Cats, we use one by one welled wire or one by two welled wire. Chain link wire has too big a gap for a lot of the small cats and they can get their heads through the holes if not their entire body. Also, kittens have no problem getting through the chain link wire.

one by one wire foundation blocks

We also put down foundation blocks for the perimeter of the enclosure. Then we place a one by six board flat on top of the blocks with anchor bolts cemented into the foundation blocks. Then we build modular sections that are four (4) feet wide by ten (10) feet high. These sections are then bolted together. This allows me to replace a section in need, to resize my enclosure, or remodel/shape my enclosure.

A must is a security entrance. With all exotics you should never take the chance that you can get in an out without the animal escaping. Also, for most animals it is required by USDA. We also use the corrugated plastic for the roof. This is the same material that is used for patio covers. Don?t cut cost on the plastic it will wear out and you will find yourself replacing the roof in about five years.

enclosure plastic toy

We also have all our enclosures connected with passage doors leading from one enclosure to the other. This allows us to have a pair that we wish to breed next to each other prior to breeding. Also, you can open the connecting door for breeding and each cat still has his or her space that they are familiar with. The size of each enclosure for a small cat such as a Geoffroy, we recommend at least ten (10) by ten (10) feet and ten (10) feet high. We also have a lot of platforms and high places for the Geoffroy Cat. Trees and non-poisonous plants also add to the happiness of the animal. We also use the heavy plastic play stations for small children. This material is easy to keep clean and the spraying of the animal does not get into the plastic.

The most important, is giving your animal enough items that keeps its life full. This may mean changing plants in and out, or changing toys that are in the enclosure. Moving the animal from one enclosure to another can be stressful on the cat. So take great care so as to stress the cat as little as possible. That is why we have all our enclosures connected. If we have a cat that we cannot handle, then we can catch up the ones we can, and walk the non-handleable cat from one enclosure to the next.

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